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  Skin Care - Aloe Neem Gel - Diseases & Disorders

Aloe Vera extract has properties of cell regeneration, penetration through all seven layers and act as vehicle to carry other molecules. Aloe Vera along with Neem reaches to muscle level, helps to cure Bacterial & Fungal infections on skin, even at subcutaneous level. In disorders, Aloe Vera Gel reduces dryness of skin and act as tonic to skin cells, besides its medicinal properties.
In case of Psoriasis, Aloexipsora Gel is useful as it is added with Castor Oil for soothening effect.

For heavy and sticky dandruff in hair.
For the freckle skin.
For any fungal infection on skin.
For fungal infection on nail.
Skin Care
The Human Skin is the outer covering of body. It is a largest organ in multiple layers that guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments & internal organs. Skin protects body against pathogens & excessive water loss. Its other functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, synthesis of vitamin D and the protection of vit B folate. Skin pigmentation varies among populations and skin type which can range from dry to oily. Such skin variety provides habitat for about 1000 species of bacteria from 19 phyla.
Hygiene & Skin care
Skin supports its own ecosystems of micro-organisms, including yeast & bacteria, which cannot be removed by any amount of cleaning. The dead cells that continually slough off the epidermis mix with sweat and secretion of sebaceous glands, get deposited on surface further mixed with dust, thus gives place to bacterial flora for decomposition and develop infections. Hence proper skin hygiene is important.
Oily Skin
Only skin is not necessarily bad, since it checks wrinkling & other signs of aging by keeping needed moisture blocked into the epidermis. Excessive oilyness may lead to clogged pores, blackheads, deposition of dead cells. pH value of skin is approx 5.4 and accordingly skin, gels & cleansers shall be selected.
Skin Disorders & Diseases
Skin disorders are manly referred to changes in cutaneous surface of skin which is due to changes in original skin structure. Diseases are manly referred to the changes in skin due to infections - bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic, stings & bites. In case of disorders, to bring the normalcy in skin cells is important.
Aloe Vera contains various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and has antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties. Besides, it has properties to penetrate all seven layers of skin and to act as a vehicle, to carry other molecules. We have utilized these properties to manufacture our products, adding Haldi, Eucalyptus, Castor oil, Almond, Sesamum, Jojoba, etc for added benefits to overcome the disorders including Psoriasis. For treatments in bacterial, fungal, viral infections, we have used Neem extract which acts an all 17 types of fungal infections on human body.
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