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Aloe Vera :
Aloe Vera is exclusive in its ability to penetrate all seven layers of the skin. Neither oil nor oil-based products can match this property. Also, other gels or ointments give a sticky feeling when applied on skin. This doesn't happen in case of aloe Vera gel. We have used this skin penetrating property of aloe Vera to carry other medicinal molecules up to the seventh layer of the skin i.e. Muscle level. We have prepared different combinations like Aloe Vera gel with Haldi (turmeric), Neem, Cucumber, Castor Eucalyptus, Sesame, and Jojoba for added advantage.
Aloe Vera is a miraculous plant that not only has medicinal properties but also is a great source of nutritional elements. Aloe Vera contains about 200 basic molecules and its health supporting property lies not only with number of molecules present but also in its natural balancing and orchestrating effect . To be brief, it contains vitamin A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Chromium, Potassium, Zinc, Cobalt, Manganese, etc., eight type of Enzymes, more than 20 Amino acids, mono & Polysaccharides, Auxins and Gibberellins like hormones, Lignins, Saponins, and Acetyl salicylic Acid (Aspirin).
Antioxidants present in Aloe Vera juice fight the destructive ‘free radicals'- the unstable compounds produced by our metabolism. They are supposed to be the cause of ailments (diseases) and the aging process. This is the biggest power of Aloe Vera .
Properties :
Anti-septic, Anti-biotic, Anti-fungal, Anti- allergic, Fights irritation, Anti- inflammatory, Keratolytic Action, Cell-regeneration, Energizer, Pain inhibitor & Fast Healing Action, Digestive, Natural cleanser. All properties work synonymously, in combination with each other and hence very rightly its workings are referred to as an orchestra effect.
Uses :
Beauty Care, Cell regeneration, Anti-aging, Fairness, Sunscreen, Facial Massage, After-shave lotion.
Proven Results in :
Diabetes, Arthritis, and Acidity. (Even acidity of cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy)
Doses :
  30 to 50 ml per day preferably when stomach is empty (0.05% of body weight) gives best results
  Not advisable for pregnant women & children below 3 years.
Health Care :
Amongst more than 200 molecules, Aloevera comprised of minerals, enzymes, hormones known for their action, 20 amino acids including 9 essential, responsible for formation of proteins & tissues and calcium for new cells. Bradykinase, Salicylic acid, Gibberlin & different Phytosteriods are known for their anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting arachidonic acid via cyclooxygenase, without any side effect. Thus pain & inflammation is relieved. All molecules work individually & also in combination which is a rare phenomenon, called as Orchestra effect. Aloe Vera has rare property to penetrate all the seven layers of skin and also a good biological vehicle for all kinds of soluble & insoluble olecules. These properties of Aloevera encouraged us to prepare different combinations of medicinal-herbal molecules to fortify their own efficacy along with benefits of properties of Aloevera.
Skin Care :
The Human Skin is the outer covering of body. It is a largest organ in multiple layers that> guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments & internal organs. Skin protects body against pathogens & excessive water loss. Its other functions are insulation, temperature regulation, sensation, synthesis of vitamin D and the protection of vit B folate. Skin pigmentation varies among populations and skin type which can range from dry to oily. Such skin variety provides habitat for about 1000 species of bacteria from 19 phyla.
  Hygiene & Skin care :

Skin supports its own ecosystems of micro-organisms, including yeast & bacteria, which cannot be removed by any amount of cleaning. The dead cells that continually slough off the epidermis mix with sweat and secretion of sebaceous glands, get deposited on surface further mixed with dust, thus gives place to bacterial flora for decomposition and develop infections. Hence proper skin hygiene is important.

  Only Skin :
Only skin is not necessarily bad, since it checks wrinkling & other signs of aging by keeping needed moisture blocked into the epidermis. Excessive oilyness may lead to clogged pores, blackheads, deposition of dead cells. pH value of skin is approx 5.4 and accordingly skin, gels & cleansers shall be selected.
  Aging :
Aging means decreasing the ability of skin to heal itself becoming thinner & damageable, loosing the elasticity. This is mainly because of less blood flow and lower grandular activities resulting into dehydration of skin. Aging can be categorised as laxity (sagging), rhytides (wrinkles), photoaging including redness. Skin Disorders & Diseases Skin disorders are manly referred to changes in cutaneous surface of skin which is due to changes in original skin structure. Diseases are manly referred to the changes in skin due to infections - bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic, stings & bites. In case of disorders, to bring the normalcy in skin cells is important.
Aloe Vera contains various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and has antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties. Besides, it has properties to penetrate all seven layers of skin and to act as a vehicle, to carry other molecules. We have utilized these properties to manufacture our products, adding Haldi, Eucalyptus, Castor oil, Almond, Sesamum, Jojoba, etc for added benefits to overcome the disorders including Psoriasis. For treatments in bacterial, fungal, viral infections, we have used Neem extract which acts an all 17 types of fungal infections on human body.
Hair Care :
Hair is filamentous biomaterial that grows from follicles found in the dermis. It is composed of protein called Keratin. Each strand of hair is comprised of the Medulla, Cortex & Cuticle. Hair growth begins inside the hair folicle. The only "living” portion of the hair is found in the folicle. The visible hair in the hair shaft has no bio-chemical activity & is considered dead. The base of the root is called bulb, which contains the cells that produce hair shaft. Natural color of hair depends on melanin type two pigments. Hair growth is found everywhere on skin except mucous membrane, glabrous skin - palms of hand, soles of feet, lips etc. Hair has growth cycle with distinct & concurrent phases called anagen, catagen & telogen. Hair has specific function to give warmth & protection besides sensation. Hair care consists treatments for its two parts: hygiene & cosmetology. It includes care of hair & scalp. Scalp skin is just like any other skin of the body and must be kept healthy to ensure healthy hair production. It is proned to all diseases & disorders because of all external environmental & chemical  forces and all type of infections. As regards hygiene, due care shall be taken in selecting hair wash, shampoo, dye, hair color. Precautionary measures  includes nutrition, maintenance of hydration & pH.  The curing treatments depend on disorders or diseases, causing hair loss, dryness, splitting, breaking of hair, different infections, skin diseases beside hormonal changes imbalances. Aloe Vera has four major properties namely cell regeneration, biological vehicle, penetration through on seven layers and hypoallergenic. We have utilized these properties and for better results, added Amla, Neem and Jaswand in combination. Amla is reach in vitamin C. It stops premature greying of hair and hair loss, encourages nail and hair growth. Neem is known for its antibiotic, antifungal and antiallergic activities. Thus helps to remove dandruff. Aloe Vera's cell regeneration properties helps to prevent brittleness & splitting of hair. It checks direct effects of Sunrays. Thus together it keeps scalp and hair healthy, improves hair growth and adds to luster. Jaswand (Hibiscus) flower has antioxidant properties and  it contains proteins and amino acid which nourish the scalp and hair. It checks hair fall, split ends and early greying of hair thus promotes the hair growth.
Aloe Vera Juice (whole leaf, cold process)
  Historically, we find that Aloe Vera has been used to treat human medical problems and many uses including the following list have been suggested in contemporary literature –
  Indian as well western.
  A :   Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Acne, Anemia, AIDS
  B :   Burns, boils, Bronchitis Bladder infections, Blood Pressur
  C :   Cuts (lacerations), Coughs, Colds, Colitis, Chemotherapy, constipation
  D :   Dermatits, dandruff, Diaper rash, Dysentery, diabetes
  E - F :   Edema, Epidermitis, fissured nipples, Fungus.
  G - H :   Herpes, Genital Herpes, Gangrene, Heat rash,Headaches of all kinds, Hemorrhoid
  High Blood Pressure
  I - J :   Inflammed joints, Infertility due to anovulatory cycles,Indigestion, Jaundice
  K- L :   Kidney dysfunctions & infections, Liver ailments, Leukemia, Leprosy.
  M - N :   Mouth irritations, Muscle cramps / strains, Moles,Nausea of all kinds.
  O - P :   Oral disorders, Pinworms, psoriasis.
  R - S :   Radiation burns, Rashes, Stretch marks, Sore throat,Sun burns, Sickle – cell disease
  T - U :   Tonsillitis, Tuberculosis, Ulcerations of all kinds,Ulcers (Peptic & Duodenal)
  V - W V :   enereal sores, varicose veins, Wounds,
  X - Y X :   ray burns, Yeast infections.
  Z :   Zoster (Shingles)
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