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Aloe Vera contains about 200 basic molecules and its health supporting property lies not only with number of molecules present but its natural balance and orchestra effect. To brief, it contains vitamins like A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12; minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Chromium, Potassium, Zink, Cobalt, Manganese etc. eight type of Enzymes, more than 20 Amino acids, Mono & Polysaccharides, Auxins & Gibberellins like harmones,Ugnins, Saponins & Acetyl salicylic Acid (aspirin). Antioxidants present in Aloe Vera juice fight with destructive free radicals, the unstable compounds produced by our metabolism. They are supposed to be the cause of ailment (diseases) & the aging process. This is the biggest power Aloe Vera has got.

In human body, more than one crore new cells are generated within 24 hrs. The auxins & Gibberellins like hormones present in Aloevera, enhance the growth of these new cells. 20 essential amino acids help the formation of proteins and the calcium helps to generate healthy cells in body tissues. Vitamins, enzymes, hormones, polysaccharide, amino acids etc. present in Aloe Vera help in the digestion of carbohydrates & proteins and the formation of new cells and anti-bodies. Millions of newly generated cells start performing at their respective places in the body organs & thus healthy, strong newly generated cells improve the functions of those organs.
More than 200 molecules present in Aloe Vera Juice work independently or in combination with each other. These molecules possess individual effect like Anti-biotic, Anti-septic, Anti-allergic Anti-inflammatory etc; but they work in combination giving total effect, which is a rare phenomenon. Scientist rightly described it as orchestra effect. Thus it also helps in combating free radicals & delaying aging process. It boosts the body's own immune system & provides many of the nutrients for preventing or fighting infection.
Important properties of Aloe Vera Juice
Cells regeneration property....
Antioxidents - fights the free radicals, combating ailments & aging....
Unique penetration property - to reach up to 7th layer of skin (muscle)
Good biological vehicle - for all kinds of drug molecules...
Hypoallergenic & has No side effects - even in large quantity....
Unlike the conventional drugs, which are set only to perform a predefined course of action, Aloe Vera works in combination and like an orchestra effect. This is why Aloe Vera juice is helpful in Acidity, Arthritis, Diabetes, Burns, Constipation etc., etc.....

Nutritional values present in Aloe vera associated with cell regeneration & orchestra effect like properties are playing vital role in giving results of Aloe Vera; rightly claiming it as a Miraculous Plants on Earth. Only & only necessity is, it is to be brought & presented in its original form, without deterioration or adulteration. For example, the taste of raw Sweet Potato differs when boiled, roasted, fried; because of the changes in molecular structure. After a grueling research over 5 years; we have succeeded in not to allow molecular changes take place in Aloe Vera during processing and thus maintain the original form.

And hence it is a complete source of nutrition to the human body....Nutrition that keeps away medication.

 And it is here.... Aloe Relief.
Ingredients :
Aloe Vera whole leaf extract
Indications :
Pharmaceutical usages, Nutraceutical usages
Doses :
30 to 50 ml per day or
0.03% of body weight
For best results, consume Aloe Vera Juice with empty stomach.
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