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  Aloe Anti Inflammatory Gel
Amongst more than 200 molecules, Aloevera comprised of minerals, enzymes, hormones known for their action, 20 amino acids including 9 essential, responsible for formation of proteins & tissues and calcium for new cells. Bradykinase, Salicylic acid, Gibberlin & different Phytosteriods are known for their anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting arachidonic acid via cyclooxygenase, without any side effect. Thus pain & inflammation is relieved. All molecules work individually & also in combination which is a rare phenomenon, called as Orchestra effect. Aloe Vera has rare property to penetrate all the seven layers of skin and also a good biological vehicle for all kinds of soluble & insoluble olecules. These properties of Aloevera encouraged us to prepare different combinations of medicinal-herbal molecules to fortify their own efficacy along with benefits of properties of Aloevera.

Molecules of Haldi and Eucalyptus known for their Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory properties; when penetrated through all seven layers of skin and reached upto muscle, help in reducing inflammation, oedema.

Inflammation Trauma
Reduces inflammation & relieves pain.
Useful in Back pains & Muscle ache.
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